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New MacBook Air 2010 Vs Windows 7 Equivalent

December 4, 2021 | Tim Ollason

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New MacBook Air 2010 Vs Windows 7 Equivalent

I have been reading through an article on’s website and they previously did a comparison between the MacBook Air and some Netbooks. Unsurprisingly the MacBook Air came out on top, I guess that is what happens when you compare a small laptop with a dual core processor against single core low powered laptops. I mean you just have to have a look at the price difference between them to know which the better laptop is. If there is a difference of $500-700 difference, you know the more expensive one is going to come out on top.

Following on from this, they are now doing a comparison between the new MacBook Air and laptops that are of a similar price. This will be a better comparison as generally the laptops running Windows 7 will be of a much higher standard than a Netbook. Generally I have found over the years that when it comes to computing you get what you pay for.

So what do the results show? Funnily enough exactly what I thought, the MacBook Air would do ok but there will be some laptops that out perform it. You can see all of the results for graphics, battery life amongst other things by heading over to

If I am honest, I still think it is a pretty pointless study as all of the machines that they looked at have completely different target audiences. That’s my opinion but let me know yours in the comments below.

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  1. Horst says:

    These idiots at PCworld got hammered for one stupid comparison and tried to justify it by doing a second stupid one.
    Surprise! a USD 1200 MBA is faster than a USD500 netbook
    Surprise! a 6lbs monster is faster than a 2.2 lbs ultra thin..
    How stupid do these guys think an average customer is

  2. rh52056 says:

    Obviously there will be computers that outperform a MacBook air at that price. All of those competitors are definitely two to three times as thick and much heavier. The MacBook air is expensive because it packs so much power in such a small package, if you do not need the portability (and aren't attached to OS) you can definitely get more power for the money out of a Windows laptop.

  3. SDF says:

    Pointless indeed, but not for the target "audiences". I think that if they are not testing similar hardware configurations then it's pointless. whats even more pointless is the performance in the form factor cannot be compared to the MBA since there is not many systems in that class (via size & form) that you can compare with, in that class of hardware. The exorcise at all, is in my opinion pointless…

  4. Daniel says:

    I don't think you should look at the price difference as a comparison to power…especially with dealing with apple. I've looked at laptops that have the same hardware stats as one of their macbook pros and there is still a $500-$700 difference. So what is that difference for? Is OSX worth $500?

    • brandon says:

      the $500 is Apple premium for being a fanboy

    • Robert says:

      The premium paid for OSX is indeed worth it (especially if you're an audio/visual person). OSX includes iLife (iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband), Photobooth, etc. All of which are very easy to use. IMovie is a great amateur video editor with a surprising number of features(great for people who don't want to shell out $1000 bucks for a professional level video program). I made some awesome videos in college with it. So essentially you pay for all these programs that work really well. I've had PCs in the past and they just don't match the overall "experience" I got with my macbook.

      If I was on a tight budget, I would most likely get a netbook or a cheap desktop PC, but thankfully I'm not. I'm not a blind fanboy either btw. I would never get the Macbook Air because it doesn't and probably never will fit my needs. My 13" MBP is plenty compact enough for my travel as a student.

  5. Justin says:

    Mac's hardware has always been behind the times. This is nothing new. But comparing a Core Duo to a single core Atom is funny. All that was about is that PCWorld was going against what Jobs said, to say they the Airbook is nothing more than an expensive Netbook. The second test was to say "Hey if your going to spend that much money on something so big, why not just get your money's worth and buy the real deal." It's called marketing people.

    An Airbook is between a Netbook and a Full size laptop. What does that mean, it means they put out a laptop with crap hardware thats more than 2 years behind the times and called it "New" and Apple fans lined up as usual to get they're food pellets. Stupid.

    • coloio says:

      sure you can say it's 2 years behind, but everyone does that. and have you ever used one? i'm using mine right now and i can tell you it's nearly as fast as my friends 2.4ghz duo. and easily faster than my old 2.0ghz duo laptop. I do not consider myself an apple fanboy or what not. (i hate the iphone) but it's ridiculous that you would say all of that when every pc manufacturing company on the planet does the same thing. you sir, are a fallacy.

    • Mike says:

      That would be "their" food pellets. Stupid.

    • bob says:

      will you please buy a Mac, your pour sarcasm and petty jealousy really make you sound like a fool.
      and yes I have both a mac and a PC, so don't start.

  6. alexcme says:

    OSX only ? or overall quality ? considering I can run linux, couple MS's on the same box not worrying about updates, compatibilities, etc, etc, it definitely worst it.

  7. Armando says:

    The article, and some of the commentors, seem to focus quite a bit on processor speed and specs, like that's the meaningful difference. The specs on my blackberry storm never indicated how much I would hate every minute I've had it. The specs on my iPad didn't tell me how much I would love it. And it's not the processor speed.

  8. alexcme says:

    yep, it actually does :)

  9. dan says:

    this is dumb everyone know a net book isnt comparible to a mak air it is comparible to a i pad first second when they said it lost to the laptops they said it really nicely like their are some that are nicer. i can by a windows for 300 dollars and it will always beat a mac hands down

  10. kevin says:

    hate to be a nay sayer, but i run windows on my mac and it's the best pc i've ever owned. tell you what, it was worth every penny and i'm not looking back. gimme a break. macosx is 90% idle 99% of the time. so all this extra processor speed is a waste. who's crunching a million lines of code these days unless you're obsessed with recompiling your linux kernel?

    it costs more, because it weighs less. admit it, it makes most laptops look bulky and boxed out.

  11. MacBook Air is TOTALLY comparable to netbooks. People don't buy netbooks because they have low specs - they buy them because they are small. Also because they are cheap. Clearly the MacBook looses out where cost is concerned, but compared to other ultra small laptops, it's AWESOME (and let's be honest: Apple has NEVER tried to compete on price, even with the iMac). So if you have a ton of money to spend and want to know which netbook is best, it's the MacBook Air. Sure you can compare it to other big laptops, but remember that Apple already offers laptops to compete with those - to compare the MacBook Air to full laptops is pointless because Apple never intended it to go up against them. Just like the Prius isn't meant to compete with BMW 5 series. Doesn't mean it's a bad car. In fact it's great, but it is a commuter car, not a luxury car. Prius isn't the cheapest commuter car BY FAR, but just because it costs closer to low end luxury cars doesn't meant that it should be compared to them. If anything, the fact that MacBook Air was so close in performance to the other laptops should illustrate what a totally sweet netbook it is

  12. boofay says:

    ASUS UL 30A $550.00/U35-F $740.00/UL 80-VT $700.00 are all about 1" thick and boast 12 hours. The 80 has an optical drive. Mac has wonderful products no doubt but you can find competitors out there that can hold their own

  13. Dio says:

    You don't get what you pay for… you get what you buy. I've paid good money for a total PoS. Likewise I've gotten some amazing deals on quality hardware.

  14. Jan says:

    Some one would compare Mac air and net books as a part of scientific query. It might be obvious to some. But a test results speaks more than what’s obvious to some.

    I would like to know where Mac air stands among net books and laptops, helps me in decision making.

  15. Sam says:

    First let me say I have never owned a Mac. However what the article does do is compare portable laptops (netbooks are just smaller laptops). One thing may be more expensive than another, but why does that matter? Every consumer is different and they may be willing to pay for it due to one factor, it could be looks or the weight. Think of it as a watch. I can buy a $3 watch that will last a couple of years or I can by a gold watch for $300 that may last just as long.

  16. 0010001 says:

    Honestly with macs your just paying for the look. They simply look cool and sleek. Most PC's are pretty ugly. It's the same as buying name brand clothing or cars.

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