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Google and Facebook: After Each Other’s Market

December 4, 2021 | Tim Ollason

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Google and Facebook: After Each Other’s Market

So far we have spoken to you a couple of times about Facebook and Google being against each other in different ways, one of which is data sharing as well as a battle for your homepage. Now we are going to talk to you a little about them being competitors and trying to gain each other’s market customers.

Google are always looking for new ways to gain visitors and customers and what they are looking at now is social media, the problem that they have is they will need something to be as seamless as their search engine. If it isn’t then it may not succeed as people have already seen what they are capable of.

Facebook on the other hand are the current kings of social media but what if they were to properly launch its own search engine? That would be massive and would perhaps become a bit of competition for Google and would undoubtedly take some users from Google.

There have been a few other incidents between Facebook and Google recently, this includes the launching of a revolutionary new style of email / social messaging system which Facebook say “Isn’t a Gmail Killer”. It is being offered as an “alternative”.

You can read more about how these two Internet giants are trying to take each other’s market customers by heading over to where Chris Crum has written an article by clicking here. What do you think of these two competitors? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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