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Droid 2 Explodes: Motorola Investigating Claim

December 4, 2021 | Tim Ollason



Motorola will be investigating the claim of Aron Embry, the Texan who has been on the Fox 4 News says that the phone blew up on his ear when he was getting into his car. He said that he heard a pop and at first he didn’t feel any pain but when he pulled the phone away from him felt something dripping.

A strange reaction that Aron Embry had was to go to his wife so she could take pictures of the damager caused, it was her who dialed 911 to report the incident. The device has cracks on the screen and appears to have blood residue on it. Embry says that he didn’t realise that it was his phone until he got back to his house and was in the bathroom that he noticed that the screen had appeared to “burst”.

The phone even though it has this damage still seems to be working as Aron’s wife Kara said “it’s been ringing today, I’ve had it at work all day. To date, Motorola’s Droid phones do not have a reputation of blowing themselves up but this could be the first of many. A spokeswoman for Motorola also said that they would be getting in touch with Aron to discuss the situation, i guess they won’t be ringing him!

Head on over to where Chris Matyszczyk has written an article and included the news report by clicking here. Is it even possible for a mobile phone to do that? Have you heard any other incidents like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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