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Conference Call Bingo: Web app to liven up the workplace

Conference Call Bingo: Web app to liven up the workplace

When you’re hard at work sitting in yet another conference call and feel like you’re fighting to stay awake let alone look interested, we’ve spotted something just for you to liven up the workplace a little bit.

Meet Conference Call Bingo which is an entertaining way to while away some boring business moments with a web app to allow you to play bingo while you work. It’s been devised by Logitech’s LifeSize, according to Brenna Ehrlich over on Mashable, and next time you have to take part in a conference call why not go to the site here first and click on start when you dial in.

Up comes something that’s very similar to a bingo board with squares that have a different thing to spot in each that are common in conference calls, such as someone eating, an argument of someone avoiding an answer. Along with those spots there are also phrases to listen out for such as, “Is everybody here?”, “Hit the ground running,” or the eternally annoying, “At the end of the day.”

Mark these things off as they arise by clicking on the corresponding square on your bingo board and you’ll score points for four-in-a-row or a full card. All those irritants that usually bug you will take on another meaning if they score you a line and the web app should certainly make conference calls less tedious.

For more on this go to Have you any idea for irritating phrases in conference calls that could be included on Conference Call Bingo? We’d like to get your ideas so please share them with us by sending in your comments.

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