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Where Do You Social Network? Brits Do It In Bed

Where Do You Social Network? Brits Do It In Bed

A recent report from TechDigest’s Gerald Lynch shows that most Brits cannot resist checking their Facebook and Twitter before going to sleep. So when they are actually in bed they are checking the sites. This has come from Travel Lodge but to be honest when ever I have stayed in a travel lodge it was with work.

This type of survey in my eyes is a bit of a red herring purely because it was done by Travel Lodge rather than in the home. I know that if I were staying away for a few nights I would probably check my Facebook in case my wife had sent me a message or if she was on the chat function. Then again I would probably just phone her…

Well let’s have a look at their research anyway and see what you think. Apparently 72% of Brits can’t sleep without having a peek at the likes of Twitter and Facebook whilst in bed. According to Gerald we spend around 16 minutes per night with the high point being 9:45pm. He goes onto to say that text addicts are even worse. Gerald says that 65% of people in the UK check and send SMS as the final thing they do before going to sleep. Of that 65%, 20% of the people stop mid way through sexual games or as Borat may call it, “Sexy Time” just to read a text…

To read more about this research head on over to by clicking here. What do you think about this research carried out by the Travel Lodge? Does it mean anything for you? Where do you do your Social Networking? Let me know in the comments below.

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