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What’s The Next Social Networking Trend: Recent Study

What’s The Next Social Networking Trend: Recent Study

With an increase in various available internet services including those of social networking sites, there is an emphasis to entice different groups of people of all ages particularly those of students onto these sites. Recently, it has come to light that sites such as Facebook are becoming so popular and are used by academics on a daily basis, that it may well be beneficial for students to use studying techniques in the same way that they use networking tools.

When Laura at ShinyShiny.TV reported on this, new sites for students to access include those of “OpenStudy” which hit the internet back in September of this year. It gives it’s users the benefit of using free online educational study content. CEO Phil Hill has commented on this idea by saying, “Our mission is to make the world one big study group.” Another site to look out for is note-sharing site “GradeGuru.” Students will be able to get paid cash or gift cards dependant on them accessing their notes and the popularity of them on the site. For anyone wanting to look at the notes will not be charged.

Although the idea may sound like a good one at this early stage, will it end up being more of a hindrance? It seems that the new concept has already aired a wave of criticism with ideas like paying students to produce their lecture notes. Will this in itself carry a problem with the university or colleges copyright laws? Or will students try this new concept for the wrong reasons, in say earning a little cash?

What are your thoughts on this new wave of social networking? Can you see it working or will students abuse it? Let us know. To find out more head on over to ShinyShiny.TV.

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