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Three Offer iPad 3G + WiFi From £199

December 3, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Three Offer iPad 3G + WiFi From £199

Are you still debating whether to get an Apple iPad? Is it the price putting you off? Today, we might be able to help you make your mind up with some fantastic news from Three Mobile. It seems that Christmas may have early for some of you when you hear that the tablet is retailing from £199.

According to Luke Johnson over at T3, the 16GB model incorporating WiFi plus 3G will be £199 when you take out a two-year contract costing you £25 per month, including 15GB of monthly data. If you decide to opt for the bigger 32GB and 64GB including WiFi plus 3G versions, you will be looking at the same pricing plan with initial costs of £249 and £349. If you would rather pay a stand-alone price then Three Mobile will be retailing this popular tablet PC, with the 16GB at £529 rising to £599, and the top end of the scale £699 along with the option of various PAYG or single month rolling contracts.

For those of you opting to use Pay as You Go, will expect to get offered 1GB of data in a 30 day period costing you a mere £10, or for 3GB it will cost you £20. For 1GB as well as 10GB rolling on contracts, you will be paying £7.50 and £15 per month.

What do you think about Three’s iPad options? Is there one that interests you? Let us know. Head on over to T3 for more details.

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  1. Meg Lorimer says:

    I am interested in an iPad and already have a two year contract with Three with my iPhone which I purchased at Three about 2-3 months ago. Is there any package which could be incorporated into my present agreement with you were I to purchase an iPad from you?

  2. RichP says:

    I'm just amazed the mobile network's have been so slow in bringing out these deals, everyone knows the iPad will be huge over Xmas. 3 will clean up with this offer.

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