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Motorola on Verizon iPhone and Tablets: Negative Impact

Motorola on Verizon iPhone and Tablets: Negative Impact

Sanjay Jha CEO of Motorola, has released some inside information when he attended the Credit Suissee Technology Conference this year. Part of what was said referred to Motorola’s plans for the tablet market.

Obviously tablets are the big things at the moment and Motorola will address this by producing a 7 and 10-inch device. Jha hopes that the tablets will plug a gap in the necessary product categories, but didn’t give any indication, which OS Motorola would run. Information Week say that inside talk favors Google’s latest version of Android.

There was also discussion about Motorola’s investment into smartphone’s, and the fact that the company want to release more high-end devices onto the market. Jha hinted that there might also be a 4G device coming very soon.

Most interesting is some of the comment‘s made Jha regarding the low first quarter figures that Motorola turns over. He suggests that a new “competitive dynamic” from Verizon Wireless is responsible for this low point, stating that it has a negative impact on Motorola during this period. Speculations as to what he could have been talking about have started to circulate.

Talk suggests that it might be the arrival of LTE devices or BlackBerry’s PlayBook, even the introduction of more HTC devices or Windows Phone 7 handsets were thrown into the pot. It could have been that Jha was shedding some light on Verizon’s new iPhone, which rumor says will be with us early 2011.

Whichever way you look at it Jha has stirred up the rumors with his comments and thrown some speculation out there for us to comment on, so give us your thoughts. Head on over to Information Week for more information.

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