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Illegal Search Terms Set To Be Removed From Autocomplete By Google

Illegal Search Terms Set To Be Removed From Autocomplete By Google

Google’s efforts to combat online piracy and illegal activity has been taken another step further as it has been announced that in the coming months, illegal search terms will be banned from autocomplete.

It is film and music makers in particular who are insistent on this action being taken as every day millions of web users are searching for free ways to download music and video which in some cases can be illegal and as a result loses money for the industry. With the recent block of massive peer to peer site LimeWire, music and video consumers are having to look for their free content elsewhere. This is one of the reasons that searches for illegal terms are on the up.

Google is going to stop their search engine from autocompleting popular illegal search terms such as, “download new music for free”; however search results will still appear when the user has executed the search. It has been suggested by Luke Westaway, writing on Cnet that “torrent” and “keygen” will be amongst the first search terms to get the axe. Google’s intervention will certainly not stop this from carrying on, but may help slightly reduce it.

After all it could be the high price of music and video today that is causing so many people to have to resort to these means of download. A big problem is that teenagers who generally download a lot of music and video, are unable to purchase these files from places like the iTunes store as they are either too young to have a credit card or cannot obtain permission from their parents. It seems more simple from their point of view to use a free site like LimeWire which gives you all the content you want for free, but at a risk.

Tell us what you think about the rise in illegal music and video downloads, as well as Google’s attempts to try and deter this. Have you used sites like LimeWire in the past? Let us know your media downloading habits.

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