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Social Networking: Nearly half think it’s sad

December 2, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Social Networking: Nearly half think it’s sad

The growth of social networking over the last few years has been nothing less than mind-blowing with many people who once would not have dreamed of using sites such as Twitter and Facebook, now well and truly hooked. However it seems that not everybody is as enthusiastic about social networking as maybe we thought.

David Price over on PC Advisor has been looking at the results of a poll of site visitors and nearly half of them (45.7%) rated social networking as “a bit sad, to be honest.” Only 5.4% of poll participants rated social networking with the most positive response available, “I love it, and spend more than an hour a day on social networking sites.” This result is particularly surprising when you consider a site such as PC Advisor is likely to have tech-informed readers, many of a younger age.

13.7% chose the option, “I like it, but it’s not a massive part of my life.” There were extremes of opinion too with 21.8% selecting the option, “I think social networks are a threat to users’ privacy and security” and 5.4% even choosing, “I think social networks are a threat to the future of the web itself.” Strong words indeed!

For more on this go to What are your thoughts on social networking? Is it something that’s now part of your everyday life or maybe you’re of the opinion that it’s dangerous in some way? Why not send us your comments to let us know your views.

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