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Social Media: Has Your Business Been Impacted?

Social Media: Has Your Business Been Impacted?

Is social media having an impact on your business? Be it positively or negatively? The reason I wanted to talk a bit about this is because of the massive increase in businesses and social media being intertwined. These days one doesn’t seem to go without the other. Something that businesses won’t always be aware of is the world of social media is always changing and adapting to user needs.

So when developing your business model make sure that when you are looking at the social media side of things, leave a little time for adaptation and change. Something else that you have to remember is that companies are still new to the social media scene.

Another thing is that most companies, especially large ones target the major competitors but by doing that they are missing out on potential customers as it’s the big companies competing with each other. It would be no surprise to me if Facebook was the most important social networking/media site to them along with the likes of Twitter and perhaps YouTube.

Another major thing with businesses is that they really lack confidence in the social media strategy and to be honest, the first few years will possibly be difficult but once a foothold is there it can go from strength to strength, you know that most companies don’t have the confidence as they generally don’t track the progress of investment vs. return with social media. Also if you want a few tips on how to promote your promote your business in an online way or an offline way then click here for some tips.

If this is of interest to you then you can read more about it over at where Amy Porterfield has written an in depth interesting article. What do you think of the way that businesses approach social media? Let us know in the comments below.

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