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Social Games: Marketing Misconceptions

Social Games: Marketing Misconceptions

Now I hate to burst anyone’s bubble here but the games that you see and play on Facebook obviously aren’t there just for you to sit and play, they are money making tools. You must have noticed the ads up and down the pages and how many times have you accidentally clicked on them?

Some of the games such as MyTown, FarmVille and Mafia Wars struck high value deals and partnerships within the past year and of course they aren’t the only ones. The general recognition of social media and social networking is growing and doesn’t look as if it is going to stop anytime soon, especially seeing as there is such an interest from consumers and investors.

The top 3 games on the Facebook network were all launched after half way through 2009 but there are some misconceptions that surround social gaming. One of the things that the developers must be thinking about is the target audience, I know if I were developing a game and it was about people going around shooting each other or something about Zombies then I would be targeting 18-25 year old males right? The thing is there have been some surprises when the stats came in for the users of different games, for example FarmVille’s gamers are 62% female and Mafia Wars 51% were female. Crazy stats that were reported by Mashable.

To read more about the misconceptions of social gaming head on over to to read more.

Are you surprised by the amount of females that play social games? I know I was! Let me know in the comments below.

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