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HTC 3D Android Smartphone: Available in 2011?

December 2, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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HTC 3D Android Smartphone: Available in 2011?

We’ve all noticed the growing popularity of 3D, both on the big screen and also on home TV’s but how would you feel about a 3D smartphone? We’ve recently posted about the HTC Merge and also the HTC HD7 phones but a 3D handset is not one we’d heard of until now.

The news that HTC want to be the first mobile phone manufacturer to feature a full 3D screen on an Android smartphone comes to us in an article over on Although HTC showed off some 3D models at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year they were primarily to demonstrate HTC’s smartphone chips and were not intended to be finished articles.

However February 2011 will see MWC 2011 and not only is HTC rumored to be setting out its intentions to lead the 3D mobile market, but insiders at HTC say that before the end of 2011 we could actually see a 3D Android mobile by HTC. Sharp, Acer and Motorola are also mobile companies looking to make an impact on the 3D Android market so it looks like exciting times ahead.

For more on this go to What are your thoughts on 3D Android smartphones? Apart from watching 3D films on the go can you see a desire for 3D on a mobile? We’d welcome your thoughts on this so why not let us have your comments.

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    Just give me my Merge already!

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