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Google’s Chrome Web browser surged to 9.27% in Nov

Google’s Chrome Web browser surged to 9.27% in Nov

Previously we brought you the fact that Google Chrome was the only significantly rising browser, this was back in October for the month of September. Now we bring you more facts that Google’s Chrome browser use grown from 8.5% to 9.27% which is a growth of 0.77%. This is according to some statistics from Net Applications. The gain for Chrome must have come from somewhere so let’s have a look at where the increase has come from.

From the stats you can see that Internet Explorer from Microsoft went from 59.18% to 58.41% last month and it now stands at 58.44% which equates to 0.74%. Interesting stuff. Another browser that seemed to make an increase is Apple’s Safari, the browser use grew from 5.36% to 5.57% however it now stands at 5.55% which is an increase of 0.19%.

There has been another gain too, this is from Chrome 7.0, this has grown in November and it is believed to be because of their new OS being used internally as well as manufacturers like Lenovo and Acer. If you want to read more about the stats then head on over to or if you want to view all of the graphs then click here.

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