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Verizon 4G LTE network: First hands-on tests impress

December 1, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Verizon 4G LTE network: First hands-on tests impress

Earlier today we told of the Verizon news conference which was due to launch the LTE network today. We wondered if the launch of the 4G service might mean a Verizon iPhone 4 or 5 would also be coming from Apple.

Sadly there was no announcement of an iPhone for Verizon today but as we speculated earlier the Verizon mobile broadband LTE network will go live on December 5 and we also recently gave details of data pricing plans. Now an article by Kevin C. Tofel over on Gigaom has attracted our attention as he’s had a chance to hands-on test the new 4G LTE network and was certainly impressed.

Gigaom was given a 4G USB stick (LG VL600 $99) to test out the network and Tofel tried it out in Philadelphia. He points out that of course the service is bound to show well at present as he was the only user on it until Sunday, but ran tests using the site and found that Verizon’s claims of up to ten times faster speeds than with 3G were verified. Performance wise the 4G LTE network also came out with flying colors.

In conclusion it was said that the network “worked like a champ” and of course it will be interesting to see results of the same tests on Sunday when other customers climb on board. For more on this go to We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the Verizon LTE network so why not send us your comments.

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  1. Kev says:

    So for 80 bucks a month I can get a week of heavy usage on the network, and it "might" give me 10-12mbps speeds…until the network gets clogged by other users and actual speeds will be more in the 6-9mbps range. Hmmm…..What a ripoff! Unlimited data for 80 a month? That would have been closer to fair.

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