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Survey Says iPhone For Women Android For Men?

December 1, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Survey Says iPhone For Women Android For Men?

With mobile devices split into two main teams, a survey of U.S. users has discovered that the majority of Google Android followers were male whereas the females opted for Apple’s iPhone. Both phones look the part as well as benefiting from fantastic features including downloadable apps.

Back in October, Nielsen decided to carry out a survey, on which mobile phone handsets people favored the most. I have to say I’m not surprised by it’s findings. AppleInsider reported that at the top came iPhone and Android. In fact the statistics showed that 32.6% of men preferred an Android compared to that of 28.6% that opted for the Apple device.

When looking at the women who were surveyed, 30.9% enjoyed the iPhone over that of 22.8% opting for the Android. Research in Motion’s BlackBerry handsets were reported as taking the third spot, whilst Microsoft Windows took fourth position. The marketing research also looked at the overall age group of smartphone users. Whereas the iPhone took hand over fist in other areas, when it came to ages 35-54, the Android seemed to win in terms of “likely smartphone up graders,”, in fact 27.4% to that of Apple’s 26.3%.

Do you agree with these findings? Given the choice, which device would you opt for? Let us know. To find out more log onto AppleInsider.

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