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Motorola: Bold Restructuring Move - Android focus

December 1, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Motorola: Bold Restructuring Move – Android focus

There’s some big news out about Motorola as it seems that Motorola Inc. will shortly split into two separate companies in a bold move which firmly spells out Motorola’s intention to concentrate on the Android market.

The move is due on January 4, 2022 when the company will split into Motorola Mobility which will be purely the handset division, and Motorola Solutions to cover everything else, according to Matt Rosoff of Business Insider over on SFGate. Motorola’s success with its Android handsets, which are some of the bestselling Android phones, is behind the move which will benefit investors enthusiastic about the Android market.

Other top phone manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung are also going down the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform route as well as Android, but Motorola is staying completely focused on Android. A reverse stock split will be tied in with the division of the company whereby shareholders will receive one Motorola Mobility share for every eight Motorola shares owned, and one Motorola Solutions share for every 7 Motorola shares.

For more on this go to What are your thoughts on Motorola putting all its eggs very firmly in the Android basket? We’d appreciate your comments about this.

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