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Black Friday 2010: Boosts Kinect sales- King of consoles?

Black Friday 2010: Boosts Kinect sales- King of consoles?

It appears that the “must have” Christmas console is really starting to fill living rooms over the world, and this does not look to be slowing down. Microsoft has dished out over 2.5 million units of their Kinect and it has not even been out a month yet!

The massive tech company has said that “strong Black Friday demand” is the main reason while sales have been so high. It was the shopping extravaganza that also allowed Microsoft to get millions of devices into consumers homes in under a month, according to Mashable. With Christmas just over 3 weeks away, high sales are expected to continue as it is an ideal gift for any member of the family.

With the key selling point of the Kinect being the interactive nature of the game, it has brought on a large demand for motion sensing gaming. We saw this first with Nintendo’s Wii back in 2006 and then a few months back, Sony launched their Playstation Move. The Move will act as the Kinect’s natural rival this holiday season as many of us already have a Wii due to the longer length of availability. The Kinect is expected to outsell both the Move and the Wii, with the reasonable price of $150 being an incentive and also the fact it is absolutely hands free, where the other 2 need a controller.

The Christmas sales war between the consoles is going to be very interesting this year, but I have a feeling that the Kinect is going to come out on top this year and take the title of the console king; and I even say this as a Playstation user! Leave us your comments telling us how you think the Kinect will fare this Christmas.

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  1. shadownin says:

    Peripherals have never lived up to their potential don't buy them.

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