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Twitter Woman Bugged By Ashes Tweets

November 29, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Twitter Woman Bugged By Ashes Tweets

Social networking site Twitter, is slowly creeping up behind Facebook in terms of user numbers and can be used not just by the everyday Joe Bloggs but celebrities as well. But for one poor woman in America, Twitter and it’s tweets have become more a hindrance than that of enjoyment? Due to “The Ashes” being played between England and Australia, the lady who has been reported as being “Ashley Kerekes” from Massachusetts has been plagued with thousands of cricket tweets due to her Twitter account name of being @theashes.

She finally let off steam and tweeted that she was, “not a freaking cricket match.” Consequently, her follower numbers have risen quite dramatically from a mere 300 to 6,100, but on the flip side to her frustration, is that she has been offered a free flight to Australia.

According to BBC News, she is now selling her Twitter celebrity status in the form of a T-shirt with the print saying, “I am not a freaking cricket match.”

If you were getting this amount of unwanted attention, would you consider changing your account details, or would you prefer to stay in the spotlight? Let us know.

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