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Twitter Coming To Trains

November 29, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Just when you think the extent of uses for Twitter has been reached such as its ability to predict election results or telling us all the latest shopping deals, something else comes along to intrigue us. This time how do you fancy being nosey about the people you commute with on the way to work?

In Japan a new app showcased last week, called “Train Now”, plans to enable you to follow the Tweets of other passengers on your train, according to Fraser Smith over on TNW. It works by using automatic location information that attaches itself to tweets and seems like a great way to while away your journey.

Mr. Kaku Ito of the Katsuhiko Ogawa Lab which created the app, said, ”People on trains are always using cellphones, and they don’t care about other passengers around themselves. Our app aims at giving them more fun when they commute.” Of course it sounds great fun but has practical uses too as if was extended to local train lines and not just individual trains it could be used to pass on information about delays and interruptions to train services.

For more on this go to Would you like to be able to follow the tweets of your fellow commuters? Tell us what you think by sending us your comments please.

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