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Toddlers Learning To Use Social Media

November 29, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Just when we think we’ve heard it all along comes something else to amaze us. There was a time when toddler training meant potty problems, and teaching them how to socialize nicely but it seems as though modern parents will now be able to train their toddlers to use social media. Yes, you did read that correctly as designers have adapted a classic toy into a way for toddlers to communicate with nonverbal status updates.

You may remember the traditional Brio shape-sorting boxes whereby toddlers fit the correct box into the correctly shaped hole. Now the blocks represent such things as eating for example (plate, fork and spoon), which is a square shaped block, according to an article by Christopher Mims over on Technology Review. When the toddler puts this block in the correct hole they can communicate what they have just done, or are about to do, to a friend whose corresponding status light will illuminate.

This clever device is called the IOBR and you can see a video of it being used at the link. It works by using an ioBridge module which sends signals via the web but it remains to be seen if children of such an age will get easily bored with it.

For more on this go to You may also be interested in our recent article about toddlers online. It’s possible that the IOBR will be adapted in time to suit older children in which case what sort of messages do you think they might want to send. We’d like to hear your ideas on this so feel free to comment.

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