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New Sony PSP For 2011: Patent Applications Filed

November 29, 2021 | Matt Tran

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With a series of eight intertwining patent applications coming to light last week on one of Sony’s new inventions, it leaves us wondering all what it is. I am sure some of us have an idea or two though.

The best bet is that it is the new PSP 2 which is expected out next year if that is indeed that is being made. Engadget reports that the inventors seem to be rather particular about having a touchpad that is separate from the main screen, maybe even on its back as it was suggest for the next PSP. The app points at sliders, clamshells and slates.

It has also been suggested that Apple are trying to pack their new device with multitouch, especially pinch to zoom like we see on gadgets now such as Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. The company looks as if it is attempting to separate the touchscreen buttons, including a ‘paste’ command, and patent a “prediction engine” that would dynamically adjust the onscreen layout as a result of your past behavior.

Leave us your thoughts and ideas on what Sony’s mystery device may be. By looking at it closely, we could be seeing another type of tablet in creation or it could indeed be the new handheld gaming experience a lot of people are hoping for.

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  1. Phil Bates says:

    In the article it states: "It has also been suggested that Apple are trying to pack their new device with multitouch"

    Did you mean to say Sony and not Apple?

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