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New iPad 2: This Week’s Rumors

New iPad 2: This Week’s Rumors

If any of you are like me, you are beginning to get wrapped up with all of the hype surrounding Apple’s newest tablet computer, the iPad 2. Personally I cannot wait for its release, the first iPad was so unique that it has taken a market that wasn’t really doing well and revolutionized it. Now there are plenty of competitors for the market but if the iPad 2 is good enough it will sweep them aside.

So far this week we have brought you a few different rumors about the iPad 2, including asking you, the consumer what you would like to see more… The new iPhone or the iPad2. This had a pretty mixed response in the comments. Tomi Anne said “I have a BlackBerry and would love an iPhone since I am a Mac girl. Verizon is the only thing that works in the Rocky Mts. AT&T suck up here” and Joyce Baxter said “I can’t wait for the Verizon iPhone. I am constantly checking for news about its release. That is more important to me, although the iPad 2 would be awesome.” So this shows good response for both devices. Personally I can’t wait for the iPad 2.

Then we have OSM’s very own Debbie Turner who reported to you that the new iPad 2 is needed soon and that the tablet war will get messy, to summarize Debbie talked about how the original iPad has taken the market by storm and now has a fresh competitor in the Samsung Galaxy Tab which has come just in time for the holiday season (clever Samsung) which is on the Android OS.

We also brought you our forecast on 2011 with the iPad 2 perhaps being the king of tablets, within this article we talked to you a little about what competitors are set to enter the market but we are asking you the question of will they realistically be able to compete? Again, I don’t think so, whilst all of the competitors are coming up with new devices, none of them are quite on the level of the current iPad let alone the much anticipated release of the new one!

The latest news reported by OSM’s Maddy Rowe is talking about an internal competition between the iPad 2 and the Verizon iPhone. Within this article she spoke to you about how the team at Apple cannot work on all of the products at the same time as they have such a vast range. By the end of the article Maddy has asked you if you can think of any way that Apple could optimise their work to ensure that all the devices that we want get released with the high quality that we have come to expect from Apple.

So that is our round up of the rumors from this week on the iPad 2, have you heard anything that we have not reported? If you have please do let us know in the comments below.

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