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iPad 2 With USB Port: Do you want it?

November 29, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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iPad 2 With USB Port: Do you want it?

Over the last few weeks, the internet has been rife with news about the iPad 2 along with iPhone 5 on it’s way for next year. Today, we wanted to tell you about the iPad possibly incorporating a USB port.

On Friday, news from DigiTimes was indicating that the next-generation iPad would have five distinct features including that of it’s appearance. Rumor has it that the tablet will be thinner and lighter when picking up, possibly on par with the e-reader market. The next is that of a video phone and the possible introduction of “FaceTime.” Users to the new iPad 2 will benefit from Retina Display currently being used in it’s neighbor the iPhone 4 along with 3-axis gyroscopes.

As ZDNet pointed out, at the moment all iOS devices can only be synced or charged with Apple’s dock connector. This allows Apple sole control over any marketable accessories or data syncing. With this comes a large profit market for the electronics giant but with a USB port, opportunity to connect a cheaper alternative hard drive or flash drive could reduce the amount sold. Obviously given the option to save money over an Apple branded extra the majority of users will go down the USB route.

What do you think about iPad 2 and it’s USB port? Let us know your comments. To find out more log onto ZDNet.

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