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Bieber Fever sweeps YouTube after X Factor mime show

November 29, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Bieber Fever sweeps YouTube after X Factor mime show

Justin Bieber seems to be in the spotlight alot at the moment and after last night’s X Factor performance he may not be too happy with what people are saying about him. It appears that during his performance he was miming the words, much to the disappointment of millions of viewers.

Fans and haters alike have taken to YouTube and Twitter to either show support or point fun at his Somebody To Love and Baby collaboration. If you missed the performance then we have embedded the video for you below courtesy of the YouTube user PleaseAddJKProOnPS3, so have a look at it and tell us what you think.

Now I am no singing expert but it does look as if he is dancing to the sound of his record playing in the background and just miming the lyrics. Last night the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger also may have also been guilty of a sneaky mime when performing her new single Poison, after Bieber.

Meanwhile The Spoof reports that over 300 parody miming videos of Bieber were uploaded to the site within 2 hours of the show finishing. If you want to see a few of these “hilarious” videos then visit their website by following the link.

The young Canadian Pop sensation is becoming a really controversial love or hate figure; there is no inbetween with this kid. Whether he is causing Twitter to lag or chatting up Cheryl Cole he will always be a good topic for conversation. However as talented as he may be, he arguably has a bigger hate group than his trusty army of “Beliebers”. You can draw this conclusion by reading the comments under his YouTube videos; beware of offensive language.

What do you think of Bieber’s performance last night? As a singer is he conning the people who have paid good money to watch him by not singing? Or is it the overall performance and dancing that counts? Here at OSM we welcome your feedback so leave us a comment, because we want to hear from you on this issue.

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Comments (14)

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  1. Belieber says:

    His performance was amazing, he bought such an atmosphere to the stage, and there will always be haters, whatever he does it is just never good enough to some people. If they dont like it then why are they wasting their time and other peoples by going on the video and leaving a negative comment. My moto: if you dont like it dont comment.

    • Tim Ollason says:

      you mime its a crime… end of

    • JB Fan says:

      I totally agree!! People need to get a life and move on. Justin is a 16 year old kid living his dream. Why does everyone want to put him down. All I can figure is that these people are jealous and can't stand to see someone succeed. All these haters can go to HELL!!!

  2. MrA says:

    He's rubbish it's that simple, he is meant to be a singer, i dont care about the dancing as that is just an extra when you are a singer. The only people I can think of in pop music that ALWAYS actually sing live and sing WELL live is the backstreet boys. Go and listen to them if you want to listen to real pop music.

  3. Amy Bieber says:

    I love justin bieber and so what if he was miming, apparently he was feeling a little ill anyway. Everyone knows he's a super talented singer-he was dicovered by one of musics biggest managers for goodness sake!!!! I'm coming to see him on his tour in Birmingham and I can't wait!!!

  4. TrueMusician says:

    You will always get Justin Bieber fans defending the lucky little boy.

    When you look closer at his world he’s just a mediocre singer who got lucky…

    He’s famous for being discovered on YouTube….Singing…yet he mimes!!!

  5. love says:

    the boy can sing but to be honest every1 mimes no matter what name 1 singer who never mimes when they are on stage. he was dancing too so he'd be out of breath if he sang at the same time. cut him sum slack people

    • robert says:

      Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Leona Lewis, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, P!nk, B.o.B, Hayley Williams and Taio Cruz never mime just to name a few and a lot of these dance at the same time as well.

    • To @love says:

      Adam Lambert NEVER lip syncs live. Never! And he had choreography during his GN tour.

      I realize Justin is having issues with his voice,however,if he's being paid well to sing on a show that's about finding talent and lip syncing is a no-no for the competitors,then he should have cut out the dancing and tried to do his best singing live! That would have been the best approach.

  6. MrsHarryStyles x says:

    He can honestly sing but he was miming … it was SOOOO BATE!!
    But he did do alot of dancing so….

  7. robert says:

    He's miming and dancing is no excuse. If Lady Gaga, Pink and Justin Timberlake can sing and dance at the same time why can't he? Besides he's supposed to be a singer not a dancer. Don't use the ill excuse either Avril Lavigne and Michael Buble have managed to give good performances when they've been ill. BTW to all the people saying he's an amazing singer did you hear him at the AMA's. He sounded dreadful and it was a slow song which is easy. He really is the worst thing in the charts and he will fade away in a few years.

  8. meta says:

    i started to like him after x factor.but for his miming there is really no excuse.
    BUT he is really hot dancer :D
    sorry for my bad english ;)

  9. lauren barrett says:

    maybe his going thought voice changes ,, (puberty) and wanted to give the best perfromance and bye doing that he had to mime ,, show sme respect gyes at least he got up on stage and sung nd dance ,, at least he can sing nd dance unlike most of yooh haters out there SNM !!!!

  10. Beth Atkinson says:

    Justin is Amazing. His new Single - Pray ,, He is donation money from the sales To a childrens Hospital. He got Famous all by himself by Posting video's. He is So talented + Just Amazing. There will always be haters But he Is An amazing Person and has an Amazing voice to match. He was'nt miming The backing track was just Loud. x

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