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3D Vs HD TV Sales: The Numbers

November 29, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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3D Vs HD TV Sales: The Numbers

With the introduction of 3D TV devices in the home, and retailers being able to discount them at an early stage, indications are showing that in comparison to HD, 3D has taken off the ground a lot quicker, therefore allowing stores to reduce their prices.

According to “Futuresource Consulting” they have reported that in America, sales for 3D TV could reach 5 million next year, in 2010 sales worldwide will top at least 4 million, and in Western Europe, figures could be in the region of 1.2 million, but this is likely to increase to 3 million by next year. Bill Foster, Senior Technology Consultant for Futuresource has commented by saying, “3D TV will continue to provide premium brand CE manufacturers, with a way to differentiate themselves from the competition and add value for consumers.”

Silicon Republic reported that in relation to prices being discounted, Foster said, “For systems that use active glasses technology, manufacturers are now able to embed 3D chip sets at a relatively low cost, allowing them to increase their margins while still keeping 3D affordable.”

With tech companies doing their best to position themselves onto the increasing market of TVs, along with the introduction of features such as looking at energy ratings, access to web services etc, the prices will no doubt change.

Tell us, did you purchase an HD TV when they first came out, and if so, have you done the same with 3D TV? Or are you waiting for the prices to reduce further? Let us know. To find out more on Bill Foster’s perspective of 3D vs HD TV, log onto Silicon Republic.

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