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Wikileaks Website Down: Twitter Updates On Attack

November 28, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Wikileaks Website Down: Twitter Updates On Attack

Regular readers of OSM may remember we recently reported that Wikileaks, the whistle-blowing website, had announced via Twitter that it would shortly publish more leaks, hundreds of thousands of them, in news that it said would redefine global history.

Today Wikileaks has announced that just before the publication of these documents its website appears to be under attack, and announced on its Twitter feed which you can see here, “We are currently under a mass distributed denial of service attack,” according to Steven Musil over on Cnet News. Cnet also reports that it is unable to access the Wikileaks website right now.

However Wikileaks has said that the information will still be published as it has been distributed to various global newspapers and at this moment Sky News in the U.K. is presently discussing some of the information already released.

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  1. LKSEO says:

    WIKILEAKS- Shrinking world ..the info might not be new that diplomats are spies but it reaffirms that US still wishes to remain epicenter of every thing by hook or crook…it could be anything- economical, political or running multi-countries in disguised form. Wish it was possible to have Indi version of wiki leaks - an extension of RTI act.

    Jai Hind

  2. searchasyoutype says:

    I agree with Jai Hind (see film Gandhi for meaning!!). I have my own problem with US patent laws and the recent Google patent on search-as-you-type / Instant search. See my blog at including 2 videos. See also Google video on Search-as-you-type. Notice the same user-interface! I invented search-as-you-type (used in that format) in 1989 which is used by Google. My video's were made in 1991! How can anyone get a patent on something that was done over 20 years ago!! US don't appear to have any regard to anyone else's copyright (or rights in general) laws!!

  3. TRUTH says:

    The Internet is the ONLY thing the Governments/Global Elite don't have any control over.

    They will carry out a HUGE False Flag '9/11 Style' Attack on the Internet. Blame it on their political enemies to initiate another War with the country they want to invade and attack. While it will also give them an excuse to take away peoples liberties and rights of FREE INFORMATION on the Internet. Thus, giving the Governments/Global Elite complete POWER and CONTROL of the Internet!

    • twostix67 says:

      well spoken,,, we must let the powers and global elite know that we are on to them. They will try to take over the net,,we all know our emails texts and phone calls are intercepted and recorded, but things are changing. My dad is in his 60s and used to think i was nuts due to my beliefs,, now he has changed his mind due to me giving him such dvds as loose change,the obahma deception and other alex jones productions. I will not allow my kids to become slaves for the rich

  4. internet is for all. everyone deserves to know what is going under the hood. pentagon should not oppose wikileaks.

  5. Dylan says:

    The US Government does have direct control over the Internet. A few days ago, the ICE office of Homeland Security Investigations had seized over 70 domain names.

  6. searchasyoutype says:

    Wikileaks are predicting of a ‘new world order’! Now where have I heard this before! Many places but this reminds me of James Bond’s “tomorrow never dies”. A media tycoon tries to ‘create’ a new world order by controlling media coverage in newspapers. The internet is the ‘greatest’ media EVER and who controls it? The key player has to be Google with the most widely used ‘search’ engine and the advertising that goes with it. Google’s expansion is on an exponential curve. It is already the biggest company in the world and in 5 years’ time it will be 10 times bigger and a force to be reckoned with even on the political front!

  7. searchasyoutype says:

    Who knows who is truly behind the Wikileaks and for what purpose! The mind Boooogles! Follow me Pal Sahota under searchasyoutype on twitter! Visit my website where I am informing the world that I invented this technology in 1989. Also visit the following links (see my comments!) My 2 videos demonstrating my search-as-you-type in 1991 Google demonstrating its Search-as-you-Type (SayT) in 201 0 I will let you decide!

    • Noname says:

      Hi searchasyoutype. I'm sympathetic to your statements/claims as to your inventions and the time of said inventions. If true, then it's as simple as filing a copyright infraction, is it not? However, if you didn't follow the proscribed chanels and copyright/patent your work at the outset, then you've no valid complaint, no proof and ultimately no case, as I'm sure you know. Is it not possible that two (even three or more) bright and talented individuals could conceive of the same idea? And at different times…perhaps even 50 years apart? As I said, I'm sympathetic, but where do you hope to go with this? Forgive me if I seem out of the loop on yourself and this subject. I admit fully that I am. Based entirely upon the posts appearing here, I'm merely postulating, applying a bit of common sense and asking questions for greater clarification. And how is your claim relevant to this particular site, which I popped into for info on what's going on with the wikileaks site.
      Thanks for your ear.

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