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Mozilla Firefox Problems: Crashing Reported

Mozilla Firefox Problems: Crashing Reported

For some of you out there trying to log onto an array of web pages, will be finding it extremely difficult and frustrating as the popular web browser “Mozilla Firefox” keeps on crashing. Not much fun for those who may be needing to access specific pages along with information.

Jamie Pert at PR News has reported that one consolidation if any, is that you will not be the only one experiencing this. Indications are showing that at least 26 users have reported the same issue, a tiny little dot of users compared to the huge amount of Firefox users around the world that may be sitting there gritting their teeth. At this present time it is still unclear as to why the browser keeps on crashing. Even when setting the browser up in safe mode or updating to the latest browser version, it is still not making the slightest bit of difference.

It is difficult to gauge whether it is affecting users running Mozilla Firefox 3.6.12 and Windows 7 64-bit configuration, as this was reported by the first user.

Tell us if you have been experiencing the same Firefox problem? Let us know in the comments below. To find out more log onto PR News.

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  1. Anon says:

    Hm, I'm running Firefox 4.0b7 on Windows 7 64-bit and it's very stable. The only crashes I have experienced recently are are due to PDF-XChange Viewer's plugin, and thanks to OOPP, they don't take down the whole browser.

  2. Yadda says:

    Me too. I leave everything running and when I check in the morning FF has had a problem and had to close. I am also frustrated by the fact that if you close FF the application continues to run. You have to start the Task Manager and kill FF there.

  3. Maggie says:

    I can’t get through on most of the addresses I try. I have no idea why or what makes it not work. Some places (like LiveJournal) work for some users, and not for others. I had a hard time getting into this site, but eventually it came up. I do have about 40 tabs open, and only about 7 of them are working, most with unusually large fonts, or no graphics. It’s quite frustrating. I’m running Windows XP and Firefox 3.6.12. It’s been going on most of the evening.

    (And this probably won’t work anyway, so I don’t know why I’m typing. Just on the off chance that my single voice gets heard, I guess…)

  4. Sam367 says:

    Are you serious? This is news?

    It’s called Having A Corrupt profile folder!!

    Some bad add ons actually leave corrupt pieces of code in Firefox that does not get deleted, even safe mode gets affected! that why you may need to “clean install Firefox”

    This is such an old issue addressed countless times.

    In other news, IE and Chrome 28 and 23 people respectively report have problems ….

  5. John Z says:

    Hey Sam367,

    This is news for a couple of people because for the past week, I have been trying to run Firefox on my computer and everytime I try to click on a web page, it doesn't load. The only place this hasn't done this is my work computer, which has an older Windows server. I've even had a couple of people I know try to run Firefox and have thesame problem, so apparently, it's worth noting.

  6. James21 says:


    What websites or problems are you experiencing becuase so far these are just vague comments and the report does not go in detail.

    If you click on the link to see the comment you read,
    "Firefox crashes constantly and unexpectedly no matter what webpage I am on. Happens in safe mode also. I've tried updating, disabling add-ons, same crashes happen. I have followed the generic crash troubleshoot list and nothing helps. This is so infuriating and frustrating.
    I am using Win7 64bit."

    This comment has no background information nor any steps to reproduce. This can lead me to conclude that this specific user has no knowledge of what he or she is talking about. Imagine if this user unknowingly has malware or some trojan in thier PC or network that creates these problems, a change in a setting, blocked website, buggy dial-up, additional plug-ins, so much cuases that a vague comment menas nothing.

    I have a problem with my car not starting…can anyone tell me why it doesn't start?

    • Cybermonk says:

      And your just the kind of pc snob that ruins the whole point of forums and trying to help people out.Mainly because your so pretentious.

  7. KAT says:

    No pretenses here, I'm no computer geek, just a gramma trying to use my computer. Starting around November 25, Firefox will only completely load on rare occasion now. But when I try to shut down I get a message that FF is running in the background and no matter what I try, I am unable to shut down the computer.

  8. Firefox locks up on me multiple times on a daily basis these days. I am running Firefox 5.0 on Windows 7. Have to use Task Manager to get out of it.

  9. Roger says:

    Firefox has been locking up, not loading for the past couple days here. Sites like CNN and Yahoo won't even load, sometimes. My bank site is incredibly slow through Firefox today. I try it through Chrome and it's fast as usual. Glad I'm not alone in my Firefox woes.

  10. Alex says:

    I am running the exact configuration mentioned: FF 3.6.12 under Windows 7. The only significant change made recently was installing (joke) Adobe Reader X plugin then uninstalling it because I didn't like it, and re-installing Adobe Reader 9. For the incognoscenti, I write 'joke' because the Adobe installation module doesn't actually work in Firefox, a point noted by many a frustrated user.

  11. ken says:

    I love firefox but now its crashing like mad. I had to use a different browser to get here. This is not good : (

  12. james says:

    Firefox Just keeps Crashing on me, I cant even open more than 5 pages because it falls, Sometimes I needed that info and didnt bookmark it, makes me so furious at first I thought it was my computer so i got worried, but seeing how im not the only one, i feel better
    They should really fix this fast, it is horrible

  13. Graeme says:

    I'm running Firefox 3.6.12 under Vista 32bit and getting constant crashes. A lot seem to be associated with Google searches but I wouldn't like to say that's the only time it crashes. It first locks up, not allowing it to be closed with out Task Manager and even then it takes a while to untangle itself. I hate to do it but I think I'm going to have give another browser a go; Firefox is becoming almost unworkable! I am quite glad to see it's not my end I was starting to think virus!

  14. PhiL says:

    Windows 7 ultimate+firefox 3.6.12 Adobe flash player is either crashing and/or firefox.Seems a relation there.This isn't new to the version of firefox or adobe flash.Both have been updated.

  15. Catherine Morgan says:

    I going to just start using Explorer.

  16. Mackado says:

    Starting a couple of weeks ago maybe longer FF started to crash (no response) and became very sluggish, long delay after clicking on tabs, scroll bar locks, keyboard strokes delay etc, I deactivated all add-ons and tried safe Mode, no luck , just upgraded today to the latest 3.6.13 version, no luck, sometimes I need to close FF using the Task Management, after a fresh reboot it works fine but if PC goes into 'sleep' mode the problems begin.

    Don't know what's causing it but I suspect something to do with Adobe flash plug-ins related to the latest FF upgrade as I get errors asking to 'terminate script' … I'm using W7-64bit ..

    Looks like I'm going to have to setup a different browser, cause who has the time to waste in this non-sense.

  17. OopsWabbit says:

    Same problem - I'm running Vista 32bit and Firefox 3.6.13 and it locks up whenever trying to load a page with a flash video in it. I can't use FF and have to end the process in the task manager. Clean install did not help. I've had to revert to using IE.

  18. Lamar says:

    firefox has been crashing almost as frequently as IE did when I switched. It seems to have something to do with the way it is running Flash. I am to the point of being ready to ditch it altoether. Then Today I am having a massive problem that SEEMS to be coming from Firefox. Every time I open a page of ANY kind I get a message that I have chosen to open google.htm from If I tell it OK, it opens up a blank web page that then makes the SAME request. This makes the browser virtually unusable unless I don't mind canceling this for EVERY page I go to. Horrible. Checking out Chrome as I type this….

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