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Gran Turismo 5: Review Roundup via Twitter

November 28, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Gran Turismo 5: Review Roundup via Twitter

Its been a long time coming what with promised and then postponed release dates, the rumor-mill has been rife with speculation on exactly how good Gran Turismo 5 was going to be. The longer we waited, the bigger the mountain GT5 had to climb. Previous versions had always been received well, but while there was always room for improvement, the big GT was the benchmark for driving games.

Now it’s here, it is not difficult to get a variety of different perspectives on how well the game has been accepted. One of the best places to find GT5 reviews is the social media site Twitter, there you can get a well-rounded picture on peoples thoughts.

Gran Turismo 5’s creator Kazunori Yamauchi was quoted in saying “There is quite a gap between just completing something and perfecting it”, when the game finally got it’s launch in Madrid on Wednesday. His idea was to create the ultimate driving game to produce racing perfection.

Touches like the way the racing line disappears in the rain and then how your rear view is distorted by the brake light reflecting off the back window, give a glimpse at how much work has gone into GT5. With over 1,000 cars and a multitude of tracks and racing environments it is easy to get distracted by some of the reported imperfections.

Some have said that the front end remains clunky and although the AI is greatly improved it still isn’t quite there. When coming into contact with other racers the sound can seem unrealistic, and the absence of performance classification in the 16-player online mode spoils the experience, meaning anything other than a super-car selection becomes pointless.

Although there are these issues with the amount of time that we have waited it was never going to be a smooth ride. Whichever way you look at it, Yamauchi and his team have created a masterpiece in driving game play, and one that will no doubt hold the trophy for the best racing game available. To read more reviews head over to Twitter, and if you haven’t already voiced your opinion on GT5, let us know if it met your expectations.

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  1. ProjectNatalFan says:

    forza is the better game, metacritic agrees, bad design, screentearing, lack of damage, not as good A.I compared to Forza 3 all take it down. You sound like a fanboy, please no more articles on videogames.

    • XENO says:

      and naturally metacritic has always been reliable for accurate ratings. sure i heard people (like you actually) delibratly influencing the ratings in a manner most biased. must be nearly as accurate as wikipedia im sure. havn't played gt5 but i have heard xbox fanboys admiting forza 3 being unrealistic and rather lame.

      • ProjectNatalFan says:

        sure you are upset because your self proclaimed god sent isnt what you hyped it up. Forza 3 is the better game, its more consistant, and it has damage from the start. You have to reach level 40 for full damage in GT5 and still no one can confirm it? Also what about mechnical damage? Still a mystery, sorry but Forza 3 is the definitive racer and the better racer. If Turn10 had the same dev time as PD had im sure they would of done a better job!!!

        • James A says:

          Grow up. They're both excellent games.

          • Supated says:

            No, I don't think so.

            Some idiot called 'ProjectNatalFan' shouldn't just be allowed to come onto a forum, slinging shit about a game he has likely had very ittle interest in. I could care less about the petty and retarded beef he has with Sony, an international conglomerate so detatched from his pathetic little existence.

            IGN should not have reviewed GT5 with such haste.

            Beautiful damage models. Beautiful.

            This game is the result of years of intense Japanese crafstmanship. It should be respected as such and given a chance to be played out before whining and pre-emptive assumptions take place.

  2. Skyline1 says:

    who finds that the new gt5 has some serious understeer??

  3. projectnatalfan says:

    aww supated crying about IGN review, what about the game radar review that was just released? A 7? You sound like a whining b*tch who was telling everyone about the masterpiece GT5 was. Also such haste? Guess you cant use you 10/10 that destructoid came out with then? Truth is that the metacritic is 86 over 36 reviews and they all detail the fail in GT5. Here is a tissue for your whining as the American Turn10 proved to be the better performer than the Japanese 5 years in development craft…. Forza series is AAA, GT5 is AA, now go away….Level damage unlocked at 40, good design and intense craftsmanship….

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