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Southwest Airlines and Facebook Places - Make-A-Wish

November 27, 2021 | Tim Ollason



According to’s Erick Schonfeld, “mobile check-in is not just a way to tell your friends where you are via Foursquare or Facebook Places, it is a marketing opportunity”. He goes on to say that Southwest Airlines Facebook placed and charitable giving are joining up to encourage people to check-in Southwest when you get to the airport.

The first thing I thought with this is as follows… What a fantastic way to advertise that you aren’t home for all of those nasty people that want to rob you… How irresponsible can you get? If I am completely honest this has made me angry…

The article goes onto say that the Southwest Airlines will make a donation of $1 in credited travel to the Make A Wish Foundation. So what do this charity do? Well they help children with bad diseases with the travelling side of things. Quite often if you have a severe disease you would need to travel to get the required expertise in medical attention. Head on over to to read the full article by clicking here.

See this is a difficult option, do you donate and tell people you aren’t home or help sick children or am I wrong? Let me know what you would do in the comments below.

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