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Bing Social Search: SEO and Google Implications?

November 27, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Bing Social Search: SEO and Google Implications?

It’s been announced today by Bing, the Microsoft search unit, that parts of its search results will now include integration from Facebook’s social graph. Because the social graph and “like” data from Facebook will now form part of the search this means that the usual algorithms that Bing uses in its search will now have social signals.

Liked Results and Search Profile are the two new features that will emanate from using social signals. As far as Liked Results are concerned, briefly this means that if you search on Bing while you are signed into Facebook you will have the choice of being able to see results that note things that your friends have “liked.” There’s much more to it than this of course but to read about this in much more detail go to the article by Charlene Li over on

The Profile Search is a very clever addition. We all know that if you are searching for a particular name, especially if it’s a very common name, it can be difficult to pinpoint. However by using the social graph Bing will give search results more relevant to you socially. So what does all this mean for SEO (search engine optimization) and Google? Li points to some areas that will have major implications.

Firstly SEO will become less relevant because as search results become more affected by social signals its effectiveness will be lost. Also people with more social connections will get more relevant search results which could even lead to monetary benefits as they may find better deals etc. Finally the repercussions for Google could be severe. Google has been calling for more access to Facebook and its social graph as it can see the advantages of social search. However, Bing will now have this access which can only be vastly beneficial against its competition.

For much more go to What are your thoughts on what this news will mean for Google? We’d be interested to hear from you so please do send in your comments.

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