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Windows Phone 7 Apps: Holiday Season Gaming Promotion

November 26, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Windows Phone 7 Apps: Holiday Season Gaming Promotion

Back in October we reported on the Windows Phone 7 only being able to offer its users some 2,000 apps, which to some was not enough. But ironically with Black Friday sales in full swing, Microsoft has been keen to entice customers with a big marketing campaign, for not only new offerings such as the Windows Phone 7 including apps and games, but the Xbox 360 Kinect. Indications show that developing giants Microsoft will be introducing more apps and games by the end of the week.

Here at OSM we are keen to show you some of the ways that Microsoft will be promoting their gaming and how you, yourself can source these items. The first is with the aid of Bing’s Visual Search. This allows you with the use of your browser to find, look and open the apps and games wanted. With the introduction of Zune software, this enables Microsoft on devices such as Xbox LIVE, Windows PC and Windows to advertise their gaming promotion every time someone updates or downloads Zune. It doesn’t just stop there.

Developers can also now benefit with the aid of “deep links” into their web sites allowing customers to see and purchase the app direct.

Have you got a Windows Phone 7 handset, if so, which one? Will you be accessing any new apps and games? Let us know. To read about this in more depth log onto

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