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Twitter Leaks: X Factor’s Cher tipped off

November 26, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Twitter Leaks: X Factor’s Cher tipped off

X Factor favorite Cher Lloyd has been getting even more attention this week as it has been reported that she knew she was in last week’s bottom two.

This is not the first time that Twitter leaks have been involved in the X Factor as it happened the previous week to Aiden Grimshaw who said that he was tipped off by a mate who said the information was on the microblogging site. ITV has denied these claims and said that it is more likely people have predicted this rather than using leaked information.

However MTV reports that Cher’s father Darren, has spoken to the Daily Star and said that he was tipped off on Sunday morning through leaks on Twitter and rung Cher to warn her. Cher was reportedly upset but would not let it affect her performance. If these leaks are true then an early tip off would definitely help a contestant to plan their survival. Cher did survive in the end, with the judges voting out Paije Richardson 3-1. After this we will no doubt be hearing more fix accusations as good old Wagner survived again!

The best thing ITV can do is show the breakdown of who got the most votes and from what regions. What is to stop a contestant in the bottom two from being put through to the next round for entertainment and viewing purposes without us knowing? What do you think of all these Twitter leak claims? Would ITV improve the way the voting and elimination system is being run? Tell us your thoughts and who you want to win in the comments.

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  1. harry says:

    its all a fix x factor is just another money making con for the rich

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