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Megan Fox’s £250 Facebook Bill - Not the Actress

November 26, 2021 | Tim Ollason


Megan Fox’s £250 Facebook Bill – Not the Actress

Little Megan Fox, a 7 year old from Birmingham has managed to run up a £250 or $400 bill in 1 hour… astonishing. The only time I have ever seen money like that go is when I let my wife loose in a shopping mall.

So how the heck did that happen you may be wondering well according to the Megan isn’t allowed her own Facebook account (rightly so in my book) however her dad lets her use his. So Megan has come home from school and asked if she could go on daddy’s Facebook and play Petville. Mummy and Daddy wouldn’t want to disappoint little Megan so allow her to.

During the hour Megan is even saying to her mum and dad, “what dress should I buy?” with mum and dad replying which one to get. Unfortunately daddy had been a bit of a bone head and left himself logged into his paypal account although I didn’t think this would streamline the payments. I thought there would be some form of “Yes I want to buy this” or “No thanks”. Please do bare in mind though that Megan was being “supervised” by her dad whilst on Facebook.

The mother and father didn’t realise just what had actually happened until he got some receipts on his email saying that the money had been spent. Dawn and Matthew (the parents) were hopeful that Facebook would give them their money back however a spokesman for the social networking giant had this to say, “The parent needs to take responsibility for adding their details to a Facebook account. The terms make it very clear that what you’re doing is adding your payment details and once you buy something it’s bought”. You can read more about this story by clicking here.

There was also a comment that made me chuckle slightly but it is so true, it reads, “’It shows how parents need to be much more responsible for how their children use the Internet.’ Quite! I have no sympathy they allowed their daughter to use it - would they ask for their money back if they allowed their daughter to play fruit machines and she lost?”

I have to say I do feel a bit bad for the family with Christmas coming up but hey at least Megan is going to have the best dressed pet on the game! What do you think of this story? Do you think Facebook should refund the money? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. wake up says:

    That's Chase Bank for ya….

  2. Halo says:

    Hell yeah Facebook should refund the money. What the hell are they thinking having such a program? They can just be happy being multi billionaires? WTF

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