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iPad 2: New screen, camera and no USB port?

November 26, 2021 | Matt Tran

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iPad 2: New screen, camera and no USB port?

Apple’s inevitable gadget, the iPad 2 which is expected out next year is set to be more successful than the first and may well be the king of tablets in 2011. Now there is news floating around about some of the specifications.

Engadget reports that the iPad’s sequel will come with a new 7-inch display with touch tech. The touch display sounds very interesting with the possibility of maybe pressure sensitivity or a stylus being suggested. The first iPad ended up having late changes made which saw the removal of the intended camera, so its seems logical to introduce the front facing camera to the second model.

On the topic of the USB ports, it seems unlikely we will see one according to sources, although there is a great demand for it. However a report from sources that accurately foresaw details on the original iPad, say that the new model will feature a a USB port for working with third party devices. The tablet is very likely to be launched in the first quarter of next year and so before then we should have more details.

Leave us your comments on what features you would like to see on Apple’s next iPad and how you expect it to compare on the other devices in the tablet market.

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  1. pfon71361 says:

    I am holding off on the iPad for now until I see the next version. I'm hoping that a 7" screen size, which would be easier for me to carry around, will come out. A mini-USB port would be great as well as a camera. A retina display like the iPhone 4 would also be terrific. I'll keep my fingers crossed for all of that.

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