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Glass Globe doorknob: How to see into a room without opening the door

November 26, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Glass Globe doorknob: How to see into a room without opening the door

Here at OSM we like to give you the latest tech posts and while this may not be precisely tech, it’s intriguing none-the-less and may interest some of you people that appreciate the latest innovations.

If you’ve ever wanted to see what’s on the other side of a door without actually opening it and giving yourself away, this may be just the idea for you. ‘A Room in the Glass Globe” doorknob has been designed by Hideyuki Nakayama, according to Vlad Savov over on Engadget, sourced from Spoon & Tamago.

If you look at this clever doorknob, in the form of a glass globe as you might expect, before you enter the room you can see what’s going on inside and it works because the globe gives a wide-angle view of the room and does this with the help of another globe on the other side of the door from which it collects and reflects light.

It all looks fascinating to us although of course you might want to be careful where you use them. For more on the Glass Globe doorknob go to What are your thoughts on this intriguing idea? We’d like to hear from you so why not send us your comments.

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