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Does Facebook put your job at risk? Another worker fired

November 26, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Does Facebook put your job at risk? Another worker fired

Facebook brings alot of things to people’s lives but one of the worst and increasing things is unemployment. The social network has caused another employee to get fired after they posted comments about their work on the site.

23 year old Kate Furlong who worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland was made aware of job cuts and was given the chance to either relocate to Birmingham or take a redundancy package. Unfortunately Furlong got a little too excited by the news that she would get a £6,000 payout and decided to take to Facebook and share the news. To see the comments Kate wrote on Facebook, visit the Daily Mail.

One of Kate’s co-workers saw the comments and reported her to the boss who suspended her following her return from illness on September 13th. Furlong was eventually fired last month and recieved no redundancy package from RBS. According to the Daily Mail, her dismissal was on the grounds of breaching the company’s ‘declaration of secrecy’, which they claimed amounted to gross misconduct. Kate is currently taking RBS to an employment tribunal claiming unfair dismissal.

A few weeks back we reported that workers were not able to be dismissed for this kind of thing as posting on Facebook is “free speech”. What Furlong posted is free speech as she has not spoken ill of any people or the company; as a result of this her appeal at the tribunal is very strong. Tell us what you think of Kate’s dismissal by leaving a comment. Should our social networking activity affect our jobs?

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