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Black Friday Deals Trip: 2 Walmart’s, a Target, Best Buy & more

November 26, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Today in case you hadn’t already heard, is Black Friday and this is the day that signals the most important weekend of the year as far as retail is concerned. Special deals are on offer from all the major retailers in the U.S. and these retailers will be fighting for people’s dollars. We’ve already posted Black Friday tactics and survival tips so if you’re heading out to the shops you might want to check that out first.

However this is not just a special day for shoppers and all those who love a bargain. It’s also a noteworthy day for retail analysts who’ll be following the action and observing patterns of behaviour, such as how many bags people have and where they’re buying, according to Richard Blackden over on The Telegraph.

One retail analyst, Charles O’Shea, said, “At 6am on Friday I’ll be making a loop in New Jersey that includes two Wal-Marts, a Target, a Best Buy and two TJXs.” For people like him this is the major time to observe U.S. consumers and how their minds work, even if it means he’s taking up valuable floor space on this busy day. The work of O’Shea and other retail analysts is extremely important in keeping the U.S. consumer buying, and therefore encouraging economic growth.

Therefore if you decide to spend today relaxing with your loved ones, spare a thought for those who are getting an important insight into shopping habits and consumer spending and who then have to rush to get their findings out to retailers. For more on this go to Are you one of those hardy souls brave enough to venture out on Black Friday? Let us know your thoughts on this by sending us your comments.

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