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YouTube plea for Thanksgiving Day dinner invite pays off

November 25, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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YouTube plea for Thanksgiving Day dinner invite pays off

We’ve got a story with a great happy ending for you for this Thanksgiving Day, full of human interest and the warmth of the human spirit. OK, that may be going too far as the final outcome has yet to be seen but we can’t wait to find out. The story involves an Australian journalist, James West, who will today be joining an American family for Thanksgiving dinner.

Let’s start at the beginning. For several years James West had been receiving e-mails from a family in America, all about their Thanksgiving Day plans. However the Tran family from West Palm Beach in Florida, had meant to be sending them to a completely different and far more local James West, according to Brenna Ehrlich over on Mashable, sourced from The Daily What.

After 3 years of this James West, (the Australian one), decided to launch an all-out appeal via YouTube where he posted a series of videos asking the Trans to invite him for Thanksgiving dinner. It took only 3 days of pleading and 5 episodes of his videos called “Tracking Down the Trans” to hit success. You can see the first episode in the video below this story. After finding out more about the family from Google and eventually e-mailing them, an invitation has been duly extended to the fortunate West, according to a report on

Not only is West flying to the Trans for Thanksgiving but after a 26-hour flight will be greeted by a TV crew, and of course the Tran family. For more on this go to I just hope that more videos will be posted of the successful (or not) trip as I can’t wait to find out how West gets on with the Trans. What are your thoughts on this Thanksgiving tale? We’d love to know so please send us your comments.

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