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New iPad 2 Needed Soon: Tablet War To Get Messy

November 25, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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New iPad 2 Needed Soon: Tablet War To Get Messy

The tablet war is officially on. For quite a while it seemed the Apple iPad had the market wrapped up and we wondered how long it would take before we saw some credible competition. Then of course along came the Samsung Galaxy Tab just in time for the holiday season, and more news is coming of new tablets all the time.

We’ve recently posted about Acer’s new range of tablet devices coming next year, running on Google Android and Microsoft Windows 7 for example, so the likelihood from all these new tablets arriving on the market may just mean that Apple has to reconsider its pricing and also its products to keep its place at the top of the heap of tablets. According to Wayne Rash over on eWeek it’s estimated that one million Samsung Galaxy Tabs will have been sold by the time Black Friday ends and that number seems highly possible considering around 600,000 have been sold already.

What makes things set to get even messier is that the range of Acer tablets is likely to be out around the same time that Apple is expected to release the iPad 2. Also by the time the Acer Androids tablets are out Android tablets will have been around for about 6 months and will be more well-established. Acer will also have had time to smooth out any niggles with the Android operating system on the tablet. It looks likely then that by April 2011 the iPad 2 will have a decent amount of competition not only from the Galaxy Tab but also the Acer Android tablets.

The more tablet devices that come onto the market the more the likelihood is that prices will have to drop and Acer and Samsung do not represent the only competition. It’s speculated that a webOS tablet device from Hewlett-Packard is on the way and of course the RIM BlackBerry Playbook is also due out in 2011 which has had some very positive things said about it. To retain its place in the market then, the next iPad will need to have a camera, and more, and Apple cannot afford to become complacent it what it offers to the customer.

For the consumer the credible alternatives to the iPad coming out can only be a good thing, more choice means better products and hopefully lower prices. Let the battle commence! For more on this go to What are your thoughts on the battle to be the top tablet device on the market? We’d be interested to hear from you so please send us your comments.

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