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Indian Businesses Embracing Social Networking: Dependent on Budgets


With the increase of social networking sites and businesses using them to their advantage when advertising their brands, comes the rise in user numbers. India seems to be embracing this with open arms. Networking sites in this country are now seeing some 10 million people accessing the world wide web which if you think about it is fantastic news for companies.

With an array of advertising and marketing campaigns on TV, the internet, newspaper and road shows, businesses have taken this forward to promote their brands. The Economic Times looked at one of the most popular campaigns to date, the “Sunsilk Gang of girls” which was initially a 2002 pageant campaign which later went on to prove a big success allowing people to comment via chat, blogs and networking. But does this all come at a cost? In a recent statement from “Meena Vaidyanathan”, Director for development at the Dialogue Social Enterprise has said, “Most senior management globally get their information through social networking sites. The formal information channels have a tendency to filter and edit information. Social networking sites cannot edit and filter information.”

He later went on to say, “Five years ago, if I was in a similar market as a big MNC - my market entry would have been determined by my budgetary pipeline. But the entry barriers have given away. Small district-level brands can compete with big brands.” As well as budget constraints, there are other issues that cannot be dismissed such as, businesses listening to their customers, human approach and integrating with others, and being consistent in one’s ideas. On rounding up, yes, social networking and the use of brands can work well together if used in the right way, but as with all ventures, comes the possible implications of how much budget is allowed for specific campaigns coupled with how much revenue will be gained.

What are your thoughts on social networking and brand marketing? Are you a business that has strived to take part in this? To find out more in depth information log onto The Economic Times.

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