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Black Friday: Tactics, Buying Guides, Survival Tips

November 25, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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We all know that today is Thanksgiving Day 2010 and that can only mean one thing, tomorrow is Black Friday. For many this is one of the best days of the year with shopping bargains galore and some great deals to be had. Meanwhile others may want to run for the hills at the sheer thought of all those busy stores heaving with desperate shoppers trying to grab a bargain.

For those of you who want to head to the shops but need a bit of guidance, worry no more. Matt Burns over on CrunchGear has written a great ‘Black Friday Survival Guide’ to get you through the experience intact. It’s not just informative but also very witty and gives some great tips. The first section is about knowing your enemy and lists the different types of shoppers you’ll come across and notes their strengths, weaknesses and how to go on the attack.

For example ‘The Mothership’ hits different stores one after the other and involves the tactical use of various relatives which is her strength. As for weaknesses ‘The Mothership’ is particularly scary as she has none. Other sections go on to look at the buddy system, communication (two-way radios are not over the top for Black Friday), setting out your route, bringing supplies and planning your assault. This last one is particularly important and stresses the need to buy doorbusters only if you really want to get a good deal, and not to get lulled into random buying.

These tips should help you through the experience and you can start all over again on Cyber Monday, this time from the comfort of your own home. For the full article go to Have you any survival tips for Black Friday 2010? If so we’d appreciate you sharing them with us so please send us your comments.

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