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iPad Making MacBook Air Obsolete: Reasons

November 24, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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iPad Making MacBook Air Obsolete: Reasons

With the release of Apple’s iOS 4.2 adding so many new features to the iPad many people will be spending more and more time using their iPads, probably at the expense of their other devices, such as the MacBook Air. The latest features added are serving to increase the use of the iPad so is it possible that it will now usurp laptops altogether?

Brooke Crothers over on Cnet News has posted an article that gives a good insight into this very subject and on a recent trip to Silicon Valley Crothers noted that he hardly used his MacBook Air, leaning increasingly more towards using his iPad. The iPad may not have quite the same productive capabilities of the MacBook Air but for convenience wins hands-down with many people.

Crothers notes 5 main areas where the iPad has now eaten into the use of a MacBook Air or other laptop and those areas are browsing, productivity, content consumption, multifunction and future iPads/tablets. As far as productivity is concerned Crothers points out that although at the moment it’s a big more difficult with the iPad, over time this will surely get easier as the user becomes more familiar with the iPad’s capabilities and the touch interface. Also as far as future iPads/tablets are concerned they will surely become even more powerful thus more-than-ever like laptops.

For more detail on this go to It’s certainly an interesting idea that tablets will eventually make laptops obsolete and we wonder if you’ve noticed that you are using your laptop less and less in favor of your iPad? We’d welcome your thoughts on this so please do send us your comments.

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  1. Scott says:

    My iPad has replaced my laptop for many tasks. If I require specialist software, I can simply access other computers on my network or over the web, using virtual desktop applications. The form and convenience of a tablet, together with convenient access to other more powerful machines, lessens the need for a more powerful stand alone device.

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