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iFeast: Thanksgiving Recipe App For iPhone

November 24, 2021 | Tim Ollason

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iFeast: Thanksgiving Recipe App For iPhone

With Thanksgiving fast approaching and all of you thinking about the mass of food that you will be preparing then this is definitely the app for you. Everybody knows that when you are cooking you can miss bits, forget to put things in the oven and all sorts. Well with this app, it cuts out the room for error!

As said on the Apple App store for the iFeast, “If you agree that one of the trickiest parts of hosting Thanksgiving dinner is making sure that everything is ready at the same time, piping hot, then iFeast is for you.“ the app costs just $2.99 and as always has proved popular at this time of year.

The app pushes notifications to you and continuously updates the menu items appearing in the schedule. This will ensure that nothing is missed and everything comes out onto the table when it should. If this is the right app for you then you can buy it now from the app store by clicking here.

Have you downloaded the app already? Then let us know your feedback good and bad in the comments below.

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