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Facebook: Men and Women’s Difference in Orientation

November 24, 2021 | Debbie Turner
Facebook: Men and Women’s Difference in Orientation

A couple of weeks ago we posted an article about a study which shows how much time people spend online socialising as opposed to socialising in person, but does this mean that we’re becoming less social overall? Apparently not according to a new study which has found that personal ties are actually strengthened rather than weakened from using social media sites such as Facebook.

Not only are social ties strengthened but in different ways for different genders. A Reuters report over on ABS-CBN News looked into a study of over 900 college students and graduates using Facebook and found that although the use of Facebook is approximately equal between men and women there were distinct differences in orientation.

Associate professor of radio, TV and film, S. Craig Watkins, who led the research team on the study pointed out that, “There is a noteworthy difference in orientation in how to use a tool like Facebook. We found that for women the content tends to be more affectionate, and (they) are especially interested in using it for connection. For men, it’s more functional.” This even shows in the way different genders post pictures on Facebook. Pictures of some sort of social occasion with their friends are the most likely pictures to be posted by women whereas men are more likely to post pictures of a hobby, or link to political or pop-culture related subjects.

The study also noted how people present themselves differently to different groups of people such as family, friends or fellow employees. The overall picture from the study showed that far from making people less social, using Facebook is opening up a whole new way of interaction for friendship, and feelings of community. For more on this go to Do you find these gender orientations regarding Facebook fit the way you use it? We’d be interested to know so why not send us a comment.

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