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Extend Your iPhone’s Battery Life With Mophie’s “Juice Pack Air” Case

November 24, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Extend Your iPhone’s Battery Life With Mophie’s “Juice Pack Air” Case

If you are one of a number of iPhone mobile users, that find yourself just about to phone out or text someone and then your phone dies on you, then do not despair, as Mophie are here! It seems their new concept the “Juice Pack Air” is about to change this.

The guys over at BGR have been lucky enough to put Mophie’s latest offering to the test. The juice pack as it is known, is basically best described as a slide-on case that will pack your iPhone with more battery power. In fact some 1500mAH battery, giving your handset a double dosing of life. BGR has commented that on putting the Mophie juice pack through it’s paces, they tested out their jailbroken iPhone to tether via WiFi, and the results clearly indicated that the juice pack air was more than capable of running without the need of plugging into the wall.

After digesting this, you will be pleased to learn that the juice pack air can be chosen from a red and white color and retails for $79.95. Although the price may seem a little steep, in the long run, you will have added peace of mind that you can use your iPhone for longer and not have the worry of being caught short!

Let us know what you think of Mophie’s latest idea? Can you see yourself using one of these? Let us know. To find out more with images log onto BGR.

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