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Dancing with the Stars 2010: Twitter verdict on finale results

Dancing with the Stars 2010: Twitter verdict on finale results

This season’s Dancing with the Stars has been one of the most controversial that most people can remember. The finale of Season 11 took place last night and the eventual winner was former “Dirty Dancing” star Jennifer Grey.

Grey took the Mirrorball trophy even though a ruptured disc had seen her in hospital earlier in the day, according to Soraya Roberts on NY Daily News. The results immediately saw a huge reaction on social media site Twitter, with people venting their various feelings. The controversy over this season’s show took mainly two forms. The most outcry seemed to come over Bristol Palin and her passage through to the final, with many saying it was purely because of political support for her mother, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party, suggesting the voting was unfair.

The other more minor bone of contention was that some people felt it was unfair that the star of a ‘dance’ film should be in Dancing with the Stars 2010 in the first place. If you head over to this Twitter page here you’ll be able to see some of what people have been saying for yourself. For instance persianevo tweeted, “Very happy with dancing with the stars results… more happy that it wasn’t totally rigged or was it?” Just_Jonathan meanwhile tweeted, “I’ve never seen “Dancing with the Stars,” but I have to admit I was pleased by last night’s results. Any day a Palin loses is a good one.” I think he’s made it quite clear where he stands!

Tricia Goya tweeted, “I watched last night’s Dancing with the Stars. I liked the results! I especially liked Bristol’s growth as a dancer & performer. #dwts,” while one person, JPGuerette, was not interested at all tweeting, “It’s a shame when Dancing with the Stars results LEADS the 11 o’clock news.” There’s certainly a very wide range of thoughts right across the board so do take a look at the Twitter verdict as it makes for interesting reading.

We’d like to know if you took part in any Twitter social media forums? If so were you pleased with the results? Why not send us your comments to let us know.

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