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COD Black Ops Secret Code Broken: How Too YouTube Guide

November 24, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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COD Black Ops Secret Code Broken: How Too YouTube Guide

As we all know YouTube is a portal for users to vent their opinions or showcase their talents. One of YouTube’s users has released a video claiming that he is the first person to crack the hidden code on the recently released Call of Duty: Black-Ops. This code break is said to reveal some sort of plot twist. YouTube has always been the subject of gamer’s showing off their talents, but at the same time it is open to abuse from people that feel they need to find cheats and tell the world how to do it!

Naming it “The Maverick Code” after his 01MaverickTen10 user name, the man details how he was able to crack the secret code. Escapist magazine states that the real skill in breaking a code like this is by recognising that there is any code there to break.

By using the ‘mission intel’ codes that appear in the bottom corner of the screen, Maverick has been able to decipher the “Transmission Numbers” and “Designate Codes” to reveal the secret coding. To find out what the message said you will have to head over to Escapist magazine.

While some may be impressed with Maverick’s talents others may ask why he has even bothered. Unfortunately, YouTube has the ability to give some the forum to (in some cases) spoil things for others. A case in point could be the recent fight between Haye and Harrison which found it’s way almost instantly on to the video sharing website before being taken down. Now while some may argue that the fight had finished so let it stay, others could say that it spoils the outcome for people.

Could this also be said about Maverick’s actions? Give us your opinion. Do you really want to know about a secret code whilst you are still getting over the initial excitement of playing the latest COD? To read more on this check out Escapist magazine.

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