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RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet: Apps Not Important

November 23, 2021 | Tim Ollason


RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet: Apps Not Important

Previously we have brought you news surrounding the new RIM PlayBook, some of which was looking at if the device is right for business and a comparison between the PlayBook and Apple iPad. So the CEO or RIM Jim Balsillie has said that apps are not important to the PlayBook, why is that then?

Apple showed the initiative of having apps for its devices, of which many other companies followed their success. Apple still dominates this market and will do for the foreseeable future. Jim has said that apps are not the be all and end all. To read more about this head on over to toms where Jane McEntegart has written an article on this with various details about what has been said and why Jim feels they dont necessarily need apps.

What do you think, would you be disappointed with the PlayBook if it didn’t have apps? I think I will be a little disheartened unless they can include EVERYTHING on the release, or absolutely blow all of the competition out of the water. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. aawilson says:

    I am a Rim customer. Apps are not that important to me and I really only use a select few, all of which I've been told can be transfered to the Playbook. I think this might be the case with a lot of Blackberry users, consumer and enterprise. If you need apps, get an Apple product. If you want a business computer that can handle apps, get a Blackberry. Apps are not the deciding factor for me choosing a device. I used to have iPod touch, I know all about Apple apps. The point simply is Blackberry's do mail really well. Blackberry's (most these days) have GPS, Blackberry's can support alternate mobile browsers, etc… If your phone does basic smartphone stuff pretty well, why do I need apps? By the way, they're giving free Playbooks to developers whose apps get accepted to bb Appworld - they didn't say this won't have apps, he said why do you need them if you are really making a mobile computer, my laptop does not have apps like fart soundboards, but you can find them online. Pandora on Playbook is most likely going to be the sweetest thing ever fyi. If you NEED apps, your probably lacking somewhere else. BTW I am 25 year old male consumer.

  2. Agreed apps have their place but they are not everything. They are usefully for automated things like train times, weather updates but beyond that, hey are generally a tunnel vision of the bigger picture. I am putting together a concept that combines the automaticity of apps and simplicity of txt/mms and hope to offer it on RIM devices soon. It is called 1stvue. I am not traditionally a developer (civil engineer) so I have to learn some programming first. It is not so easy. Keep an eye out for 1stvue

  3. msj says:

    i dont have any apps on my bb but i still love it, apps are what toys are for a 3 year old, today you play with them tomorrow you get tired of them and you start looking for another app.
    the only bb app i am interested in is the bbm, to hell with the rest of them.

  4. Merritt says:

    Let's face it. We are all winners in this competion until we buy, then if we measure what we buy against the next thing, we all seem to lose. Let's force these guys to adapt a bit to what we buy, and not vice versa… nirvana can wait. I need a good mail device.. I have one. I have many devices that can do this and that, and I can only have a few.. they need to integrate, and update themselves as much as possible to prolong my next purchase.. there are a billion hungry people, and we should help them too…

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