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Opera 11 Beta Features Explained On Video

November 23, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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If you are like me and tend to have lots of tabs open at any one time, then today’s news on the Opera 11 Beta may just be about to make your life a little easier. Replacing the old version 10.70, the new beta version will let us organise our tabs in a “Stacking” formation as oppose to side by side.

According to Chris Davies over at SlashGear, tab stacking can be carried out by dragging and dropping a chosen tab and putting them into a formation. This can be made bigger by hovering over the tab with the mouse, clicking onto the arrow icon which will then expand the stack across the tab bar. One benefit I can see, is that the stacks can then be put into category or saved for later use. Check out the video over at SlashGear.

You will also be pleased to know that some 500,000 extensions have already been downloaded with new support given for at least 10-20 further extensions each day, brand new e-mail panel, HTML5 along with mouse gestures. Opera will be available on Windows, Linux and Mac PC’s.

Vice President of Desktop Products at Opera “Jan Standal” has said, “Tabs are the most popular feature in browsers today. Because so many of us wrestle with tens or even hundreds of tabs, we wanted to find a better way to manage them. So, whether you are tracking positive reviews of your new album or researching the proper dimensions of Stonehenge, stacking your tabs is an intuitive way to organize and group your open webpages.”

Will this benefit you? Let us know. To find out more on this log onto SlashGear, and watch the video.

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